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Website Design & Development

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation phase is where the wheels begin to turn. This is where we find out about you, your business, your views and goals, and most importantly the scope of the web project. During this consulting phase, a final Price Quote will be given if the quote was not finalized earlier.

Custom Web Design

Based on your specifications, a custom Homepage will be designed in Adobe Photoshop and be provided to you as a high quality image for review and appoval. Any other graphical elements such as a custom logo or modified photographs will also be provided in this phase.

Site Development

The website goes into development once a Homepage design has been approved. This phase involves building the layout of each web page/section and integrating any of your written text or images. Each page/section will be provided in a usable web form for review and approval.

Site Enhancements

This is the final stage in the development phase where the entire site is tested and, based on approval, any social media integration, graphical improvements or functional site enhancements take place before the final review.

Final Review

A fully functional version of the website is provided to you to be reviewed and approved for public launch. After final approval is given, the site is launched and the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques are set up to ensure a high site ranking and performance.